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Battle of the BulgeDo you want to lose weight?


If so, is it to look better? Maybe you want to feel more attractive for your spouse. Maybe you want to be more confident at your job. Maybe you just miss being able to wear sleeveless shirts or shorts in the summer…or dare I say a bathing suit.


Is it to feel better? Not just better about yourself, but just plain better. In less pain. Less stiff. Stronger and more able to take on challenges. More energy and vitality?


Or is it to move better? To get up and down stairs more easily. To be able to participate in family walks, bike rides, hikes, volleyball games, etc. 


Most people want to lose weight to do one (or more) of those three things. To look better, move better or feel better. That is why our goal at DeVetter Fitness is to help our clients with all of the above. We build our programs around six basic movement patterns that will help you do all three.


Whatever your goal, whatever the reason, we can help you get there and would love to have the opportunity to help.